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SAAS Agreements In Texas

SAAS Agreements In Texas
SAAS Agreements In Texas
ABOUT SAAS AGREEMENTS  Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) provides efficiency and convenience to a business’s operations. It is increasingly likely a business’s most vital data are hosted by an outside software service provider, and therefore new risks and liabilities are introduced to a business. It is also likely the company that you are partnering with for the software services will require a signed a SaaS Agreement which outlines key points by which a business must operate while utilizing the software. As businesses become increasingly co-dependent on SaaS providers, it is critical the agreements between each business are fair and clear. A well-written and fair SaaS Agreement will consider the interests of each business regarding:
  • Terms of Service
  • Renewal Process and Timing
  • Data Transfer, Recovery, and Loss 
  • Data Security 
  • Costs and Payments 
An attorney can complete a comprehensive review your SaaS contract and assist you in understanding how each term of the contract affects the criteria listed above. Whether your business is considering a subscription to a service-based software, or you are currently facing an issue as a result of your partnership with a SaaS provider, partnering with an attorney can reduce your risk and potential expenses.  GETTING STARTED WITH SAAS CONTRACT REVIEW
  1. Email with a thorough, but precise summary of your contract and dispute. Please list the facts affecting your situation and any questions you may have. Attach all relevant documents to this initial email. The contents of your initial email will remain confidential.
  2. Within 1-2 business days (often faster), you will receive a response to your email with a quote, payment link, and engagement letter for the initial consultation based on the summary of your legal issue and the length and complexity of the documents attached. 
  3. In no circumstance will you be charged more than your initial consultation quote unless you give written authorization to proceed with the representation. After the initial consultation, you may agree to proceed on an hourly basis, on a flat fee if available, or you may decide to end the representation.


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