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Employee Handbooks and Policies

Employee Handbooks and Policies


Properly drafting a comprehensive employee handbook that communicates employee policies can help to prevent disputes that disrupt the performance of your business and the health of the workplace. Without these tools in place, your business could be exposing itself to substantial legal risk when an issue arises. This risk can be mitigated by creating a well-written employee handbook that informs employees of the policies by which the business will operate, as well as any expectations from their employer. Employee handbooks should communicate concisely and clearly the policies of your business in regards to:

    • Compensation and Schedules 
    • Progressive Disciplinary Policies
    • Employee Benefits 
    • Standards of Conduct
    • Leave Policies 
    • Company Technology 
    • Discrimination Policies 
    • Dispute Resolution 

In addition to the items above, it is important for your employee handbook to communicate that employment is at-will and contractual rights are not provided by the handbook itself. It is critical that employers follow the policies outlined in the handbook, as failure to do so puts your business at risk of disputes and litigation. Employee policies have legal ramifications and therefore are best navigated with the assistance of an attorney. Our attorneys will work with your business to create a strong set of company policies and an employee handbook that clearly communicates this comprehensive set of company policies. 

If your business needs assistance in creating employee policies and handbooks and would like to get in contact with one of our attorneys, follow the steps outlined in the Get Started Now section below. For additional information on our online consultation process and hourly rates, please visit our Online Consultations Page. 

Getting Started with Employee Handbooks and Policies  

  1. Email with a thorough, but precise summary of your dispute or issue. Please list the facts affecting your situation and any questions you may have. Attach all relevant documents to this initial email. The contents of your initial email will remain confidential.
  2. Within 1-2 business days (often faster), you will receive a response to your email to setup a consultation. 
  3. After the initial consultation, you may agree to proceed on an hourly basis, on a flat fee if available, or you may decide to end the representation. 

Please note, the information on this webpage should not be considered legal advice and is strictly for informational purposes. Any interaction with this webpage or initial correspondence with our attorneys does not qualify as providing legal advice or retaining legal representation. Legal advice is available only to clients who have an executed Engagement Agreement with Forbes Barrentine Law PLLC. Forbes Barrentine Law PLLC does not provide legal advice relating to federal or state income taxes. 



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